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New at Starlings Market

I know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but one of the loveliest markets we sell at each week is the Urban Farmers Market at Starlings Cafe in Claremont. It’s from Wednesday, 4-6pm, and it’s the closest thing to a farmer’s market in Cape Town. Just a handful of producers, and everything you need for […]

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Development Week: Sauces

One part of our selling-ice-cream-in-winter strategy is ice cream sundaes. We want to start offering two sundaes at our Neighbourgoods Market stall, changing our offerings each week. So for the first time since we’ve opened, we’ve started developing sauces. Now, our ice cream is good enough to stand alone, so if we’re going to be […]

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development week

Development Week

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, how many flavours do you make? People are always amazed that we don’t have a definitive flavour list or product line, and that we don’t ever intend on having one, either. We make seriously delicious ice cream, but part of what keeps both our […]

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toasted marshmallows2

Marshmallow Mondays

We have a list on the wall in the kitchen, where we put down things for which we want to develop recipes. Sometimes it’s ice cream flavours, but often it’s sauces or mix ins. We work through the list on Mondays, which is our development day, but sometimes certain items linger on the list for […]

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You Have Been Served

We’re in the market for a second ice cream churn, and as part of the decision-making process, we closed the kitchen on Friday morning and we all went to try make ice cream in a soft serve machine, using our normal ice cream custard. This is not as silly as it sounds, since our current […]

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No Supplier Too Small

People in food industry scratch their heads when they hear that we have too many fresh produce suppliers to count. Our guardian angels/farmers range in scale from third-generation fruit farms producing tonnes of fruit each season, to emerging farmers who own a set of tools and not much more, and make a living growing short […]

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I’m not much of a granadilla person, really. But the granadilla curd we swirl through our ice cream for Granadilla Choc Chip ice cream has totally converted me. It’s tangy, tropical – more than a sum of its parts. It’s our go-to flavour here at The Creamery HQ for our mid-afternoon ice cream breaks, has […]

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Hello, Autumn!

We’ve been ignoring the changing of the leaves and the occasional crispness in the air, but now it’s official: the season is changing. Our first quinces and Bon Chretienne pears arrived from Kleinjongenskraal Farm today. We’re in the midst of preparing for a corporate event on Sunday, and churning for our March ice cream club […]

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The Sunlight on the Garden

Some of you may remember my mid-summer post on foraging for herbs in my mother’s herb garden. Well, with all the exciting stuff going on at Creamery HQ it’s taken me most of the summer to get back there, and maybe it was emphasized by the time of day (early evening), but it definitely feels […]

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My Kitchen for a Can Opener!

I like to describe our commercial kitchen as “small but perfectly formed”. When I was planning it last year, I wrote out a long wishlist of things I wanted to buy, and then I went through the list, ruthlessly crossing out everything that wasn’t totally necessary. Commercial oven? Gone. Extraction system? Gone. Frying pans? Gone […]

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Basil, Times Three

My invoice from Franci, our herb grower, reads as follows this week: Chocolate peppermint (Yay! Glad to have that back in the kitchen) Green basil (For pairing with the last of the strawberries, for this months’ Ice Cream Club) Red basil (I’m guessing this is a holy basil variety. Something new for us to play […]

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Sure as Eggs

This is what 720 eggs look like: And this is what the honour system looks like: I had totally forgotten, but one of the eggs Celia delivered to us last week cracked in transit. She noticed, and told me she would be bringing me six extra to make up for it this week, as that […]

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In the Herb Garden

I spent the weekend at my parents’ farm, an hour  of Cape Town. One of the few downsides to having my own business is how hard it is to take time off and get away, but thanks to the long weekend, I managed to to do just that. And one of the highlights of any […]

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