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The fortnight in Photos

The best laid plans of bloggers… today we’ve got a fortnight in photos, not a week in photos, but all the more behind the scenes shenanigans to share with you. STAFF Marianne made a birthday cake for Harmony’s little girl; staff brought in jars to take advantage of the ridiculously low bring-your-own-jar prices of our […]

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Sundae Any Day

I’ve never really liked ice cream sundaes. Aside from the sheer size of the monsters, too often the ice cream is smothered in one overly sweet sauce after another, lots of higgledy piggledy toppings and in the end tastes of nothing but sugar. We spend so much time and effort making our ice cream flavours […]

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Development Week: Ice Cream Sandwiches v2.0

Here’s some pics of our ice cream sandwiches that we made yesterday, and tasted this morning. We argued a lot over which one tasted best, but the top four winners were: chocolate peanut butter rooibos chai coffee Tomorrow we’re moving on to macaron ice cream sandwich experiments, and figuring how to pack these beauties.

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Development Week: Sauces

One part of our selling-ice-cream-in-winter strategy is ice cream sundaes. We want to start offering two sundaes at our Neighbourgoods Market stall, changing our offerings each week. So for the first time since we’ve opened, we’ve started developing sauces. Now, our ice cream is good enough to stand alone, so if we’re going to be […]

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Development Week: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are not particularly common in South Africa, but Americans will know what I’m talking about: a scoop of ice cream, sandwiched between two cookies or brownies. It tastes as good as that sounds. Maybe even better. How about this: two discs of bittersweet, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownie, held together with a generous scoop […]

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