A Quick Visit to Cocoafair

A quick visit to Cocoafair last week turned into a forty minute whirlwind taste tour of some of the beans that Nino, their chocolate maker in chief, has been playing with recently. That’s Nino in the photo below, the rakish Italian with the dazzling, cheeky smile.

And a factory full of chocolate. *Melt*

I tried cocoa beans from all over the world, and I couldn’t get over how each bean tasted totally different. There were fruity beans (lemon, orange), tropical beans (coconut, papaya), chocolatey beans (coffee-bitter and caramel-sweet).

But above all, I came away with so much respect for a company that is driven by so much passion, for variety, for quality, for chocolate. We are lucky to work with your chocolate, Cocoafair. Thanks for the beans!



Kate is a company director. She spends her time on mentoring our leadership team, product development, new systems, finance, and business strategy. Her favourite ice cream flavours include raspberry choc chip, cookie dough, nectarine, jasmine blossom, toasted almond and berry cheesecake.

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