Around The Kitchen: Signs and Scribbles

I take a lot of photos of random things I see at Creamery HQ. While trying to sort through my ‘random photos’ file last week, I realized that a lot of the stuff which strikes me as interesting, funny or touching is the little doodles, labels and signs that staff and friends write. I think why I like them is because they have so much personality and humour, good reflections of the atmosphere in this frenetic, quirky business, and the awesome people who are part of our community.

Next time you’re visiting: go on, leave us a note.


Kate is a company director. She spends her time on mentoring our leadership team, product development, new systems, finance, and business strategy. Her favourite ice cream flavours include raspberry choc chip, cookie dough, nectarine, jasmine blossom, toasted almond and berry cheesecake.