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V&A Food Market: Counters

This is a blog series on setting up our new permanent stall at The Market on The Wharf. You can read the other posts here. SCOOP COUNTER: Unlike our mobile scoop freezers, which we engineered ourselves to work as scoop counters, our stall scoop counter will be a traditional, commercial (“grown up”) scoop counter. Scoop […]

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V&A Food Market: Elements of Our Stall

This is a blog series on setting up our new permanent stall at The Market on The Wharf. You can read the other posts here. Elements of Our Stall: I’ve been spending so much time stressing about what our stall will look like and how much it will cost, that I’ve kind of forgotten that […]

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V&A Food Market

There’s a new market in town, and The Creamery’s going to be there! The Market on the Wharf is going to be the first five-day food market in Cape Town, focusing predominantly on fresh produce for home cooks, but also offering a small section of prepared food vendors as well. It will be based in […]

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Happy First Birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our first birthday at The Creamery. It’s been a long time since I celebrated a Big Deal Birthday of my own, and this one really did feel like a special occasion, not just for me or The Creamery, but for the fabulous group of people who helped us survive our […]

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Washington, DC: Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia is a tiny storefront which sells coffee, ice cream by the scoop, cookies and pre-made ice cream sandwiches. I took a posse of willing wedding friends along to sample the ice cream sandwiches, and we were so eager beaver we were there five minutes before the doors opened at noon. So we made […]

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US Trip Trends: Counters

OK, this is not so much a trend as something I’m super aware of right now. We’re busy planning our stall at the new Market on the Wharf at The V&A Waterfront, which opens on 1 December, and one of the tricky decisions is what our counter should be made of. Marble topped, with raw […]

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US Trip Trends: Packaging

As you’ll know from our blog, our packaging is a work in progress. Having my own food production business has really made me focus on other food product packaging: materials, shapes, graphics and different solutions to the age-old dilemma of, “What exactly do I put this in?” I saw so, so many gorgeous types of […]

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Pumpkin Truffles, Dean & Deluca, New York

US Trip Trends: Pumpkins

If you follow US food bloggers online, I’m sure you’ve noticed that around October-September comes the requisite, seasonal post: something with pumpkins. It’s like clockwork, and this year I’ve seen a lot of pumpkin soups, in particular. Just when we in the southern hemisphere are celebrating the imminent arrival of spring with peas and artichokes […]

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We’re Hiring: Full Time Scoop Sales Staff

SEEKING: FULL TIME SERVING STAFF FOR ICE CREAM COMPANY We are seeking serving staff for our new ice cream company starting in Cape Town in November, at our market stall at the new V&A Market on the Wharf. This is a full time, ongoing position. JOB DESCRIPTION Organize and keep the stall clean Serve customers […]

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New York: Ice Cream Round Up

For information specifically on ice cream sandwiches, check out this post, here. So, it goes without saying there’s lots of good ice cream in New York. And although I crammed in as many old favourites and new tastes as two days in the city allows, I didn’t get to them all. That’s good, though – […]

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New York: Ice Cream Sandwich Round Up

Melt Bakery: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Chocolate Cookie 132 Orchard St, NY For every specialty, New York has a producer who specializes in that specialty. Melt is New York’s first bakery dedicated to making ice cream sandwiches from scratch, and this is all they make – in an ever-changing array of pairings and flavours. […]

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Washington, DC: Pleasant Pops

I was very curious to see what a bricks-and-mortar ice lolly shop would look like, since I think of ice lollies as a product that is even more seasonal than ice cream. Well, Pleasant Pops are pretty smart and also offer a small range of grocery products (pickles, etc) as well as a soup and […]

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Your Correspondent From Abroad

  I am writing this blog post from the comfort of an Amtrak express train, hurtling from Washington DC to New York. For those of you who have not run into me over the last two weeks in Cape Town, looking harried and panicked like a chicken with its head cut off, I have skipped […]

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First Strawberries

We’ve been waiting for strawberry season to start since, well, last summer’s strawberry season ended in February this year. We’ve been irritatedly eying the super-early strawberries for sale at the traffic lights for a month now, waiting for word that our naturally-grown field strawberries (i.e. grown outside, in soil, and not under shade cloth or […]

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Meet Our Team: Abigail

Name: Abigail Nicknames: Abi Job Title: Junior Assistant Manager What She Actually Does: Abi does three very important things for us. She scoops ice cream at our markets and special events (which is where you’ve probably met her; no one is immune to her ice cream selling charms), she maintains stock control records at our […]

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Meet Our Team: Progress

Name: Progress Nicknames: Pro, Gadgets Job Title: Ice Cream Maker What He Actually Does: Progress and Harmony together make up our kitchen team. They process fruit as it comes in from our farmer suppliers (washing, chopping, roasting, etc), make custard for our ice cream, make sweets mix-ins like citrus curd, chocolate brownies for ice cream […]

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The Tardy List

So. Despite longing for warm weather for most of winter, now that it’s almost here, we still haven’t managed to do half the things we said we would, and we don’t really feel ready for the onslaught of Ice Cream Season (also known as Summer). Some people are just never satisfied. Things We Were Supposed […]

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Meet Our Team: Marianne

Name: Marianne Nicknames: Mari Job Title: Manager What that actually means: Marianne does a bit of everything: admin, PR, customer service, research, errands, deliveries & collections, scooping at markets and events, staff supervision. My right hand woman, the glue that holds us all together, Marianne also serves as an invaluable sounding board with an unerring […]

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Meet Our Team: Kate

Name: Kate Nicknames: Ma’am, The Ice Cream Lady, The Boss Job Title: Owner and Founder of The Creamery Ice Cream What That Actually Means: As with all small business owners, Kate juggles lots of things simultaneously. She manages company finances, supervises production, oversees admin, handles the blog, website and some of the social media responsibilities, […]

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Meet Our Team

In our blog posts and emails we often mention members of our staff in passing, and you’ve probably met a couple of them at our market stalls or HQ. And it’s high time we put something under ‘our team’ on our website. So over the next two weeks, we will be introducing you to members […]

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