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Brownie Points

I showed Progress how to bake brownies today. Actually, it sort of started out as a lesson in brownie baking, segued into a lecture on the history of the ice cream sandwich in American food culture, and finished with a demonstration in how to overbeat egg whites (believe it or not, that last one was […]

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Basil, Times Three

My invoice from Franci, our herb grower, reads as follows this week: Chocolate peppermint (Yay! Glad to have that back in the kitchen) Green basil (For pairing with the last of the strawberries, for this months’ Ice Cream Club) Red basil (I’m guessing this is a holy basil variety. Something new for us to play […]

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Sure as Eggs

This is what 720 eggs look like: And this is what the honour system looks like: I had totally forgotten, but one of the eggs Celia delivered to us last week cracked in transit. She noticed, and told me she would be bringing me six extra to make up for it this week, as that […]

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Tea for Thought

Last week I was a lucky guest at a High Mountain tea ceremony at O’Ways Teacafe. Nigiro tea merchant Mingwei Tsai spent over two hours taking us through three cuppings of top quality oolong tea, tastings of over eight teas, and answering all our questions about tea. His knowledge of tea culture and cultivation is […]

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Quiet Days…

With all of Cape Town on holiday-induced go-slow, things have definitely been quieter here at Ice Cream HQ. But that doesn’t mean we have been going slowly. Rather, it’s been a time to see to lots of little tasks around the office, play with a couple new ingredients and flavours, and start planning for the […]

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In the Herb Garden

I spent the weekend at my parents’ farm, an hour  of Cape Town. One of the few downsides to having my own business is how hard it is to take time off and get away, but thanks to the long weekend, I managed to to do just that. And one of the highlights of any […]

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Strawberry Fields

The last ten kilos of strawberries that we shall get this summer arrived at the kitchen this morning. Hermanus, a smallholder in Stellenbosch, grows them, and we get them at a (much) better price if we buy them through Franci, his friend, colleague and our herb and melon grower. He dropped them off at the […]

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Designer Maker Artisan Market

Last week we were at our first-ever three day market. It was exhausting, physically challenging (two steep flights of stairs to our stall. Why???) and really, really wonderful. We almost sold out of our entire stock (read: every 2.4L ice cream container we had, at the market, in the kitchen freezer, in existence). We met […]

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Garden Lemons

NOTE: This is a post I wrote last month, in the eye of the storm that was setting up our kitchen, but never got round to posting. Better late than never! Last week we started receiving deliveries from different ingredients suppliers. We also had a couple farmers pop by to see our kitchen, and chat […]

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A Quick Visit to Cocoafair

A quick visit to Cocoafair last week turned into a forty minute whirlwind taste tour of some of the beans that Nino, their chocolate maker in chief, has been playing with recently. That’s Nino in the photo below, the rakish Italian with the dazzling, cheeky smile. And a factory full of chocolate. *Melt* I tried […]

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We are Hiring!

Always wanted to work with/eat loads of ice cream? Well, we’re hiring scoopers to man our scoop counters over the summer season, at Saturday markets, and at special events. THE DETAILS: This job is for every Saturday, and is based on 8-hour day time shifts. There will also be opportunities for some scoopers to work […]

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Welcome, Marianne!

Yesterday we welcomed our new manager, Marianne, to the office. Although Tuesday was technically her first day, she’s already been scooping for us for two weeks at the market as a warm up. Welcome, Marianne! We’re so excited to have you with us at The Creamery.

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A Visit to Rosetta Roastery

Today we visited the Rosetta Roastery. Like us, they are a small company working with small batches of carefully sourced, high quality ingredients. Only, their passion is coffee. They select the best beans from each major coffee growing region every season, and roast them in small batches in their beautiful Diedrich roaster, right here in […]

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