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Meet the Team: Chantelle Whyte

Chantelle Whyte is Human Resources Manager here at The Creamery. She is also constantly smiling, energetic and the perfect balance between maternal and sassy. We sat down to chat (and laugh a lot!) with her… The Creamery:  What does being a Human Resources Manager entail? Chantelle Whyte: My role at The Creamery includes hiring and […]

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Meet the Ice Cream Makers: Progress

Progress (one name, like Beyoncé) is Head of Production at The Creamery and has been a part of our team since we started scooping in 2011. Aside from being an actual professional ice cream developer and taster, he is responsible for figuring out just how to capture our favourite flavours (Carrot Cake, Melktert, Naartjie) in ice […]

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Meet Your Barista: Beaven Jengwa

If you want your coffee served with a smile, then Beaven is your guy. Not only does he beam from ear to ear, but his knowledge of coffee and the care he takes in brewing a cup means every coffee made by Beaven is a joyous experience. The Creamery: Quick! Word association game-give us four words you […]

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Meet Your Barista: Thabo Siyepu

Thabo is a Creamery café supervisor and an experienced barista. He has a wonderfully calming presence at both our Salt River and Newlands Cafés. He answered some of our questions about Rosetta Roastery coffee and what it takes to make a brilliant coffee. The Creamery: Why do you love coffee? Thabo: You can connect with people […]

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Introducing our Winter Flavours 2015

So here we are, entering our fourth winter. Our first two winters were tight times, but we were small enough to muddle through rained-out markets and a dearth of weddings. Last winter we thought Newlands cafe had built up enough of a community to keep us scooping along nicely, and we were right. While there […]

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What happens during loadshedding at The Creamery?

Blackouts are an inconvenience to you as it is to us, and a lot of customers ask us: What do you do during loadshedding? Electricity is vital to our small business – chilling ice cream, cooking waffles and making coffee all need power. Keeping ice cream cold is an ongoing challenge (especially in a hot […]

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The Creamery & Saszali bring you easy, delicious desserts

Welcome to our second The Creamery & Saszali Creative Colab, bringing you a series of inspiring and easy desserts. The lovely Sarah & Jane of Saszali and our Katy Rose of The Creamery set up a workshop, bringing together creative energy, delicious flavours and tempting visuals. This week’s dessert is a summertime classic: Eton Mess. […]

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The Creamery Strawberry Ice Cream

The Creamery & Saszali bring you delicious, easy desserts

    This is the first in our The Creamery & Saszali Creative Colab, bringing you a series of inspiring and easy desserts. The holiday season is almost upon us: the evenings are warmer, the days longer and we’re all dreaming up delicious seasonal entertaining ideas. The lovely Sarah & Jane of Saszali and our […]

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The Creamery moves to a new home

  Opening our Newlands Café in September last year brought many changes to The Creamery – the most notable being that we changed our business from being a very seasonal one, to a business that thrives year round. But the café has also meant that we’ve been able to increasing our permanent staff by 7 […]

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Flavour of the Month : Cookie Dough

We’re excited to announce August’s Flavour of the Month : Cookie Dough   You asked for it, and after a few false starts and the acquisition of a blast freezer, we’re finally ready to present our Cookie Dough ice cream! Cookie Dough Ice Cream is a true American flavour, making you yearn for the nostalgia of […]

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Mosque at Sunset

The Creamery- Is our ice cream halaal?

As an independent food business, we are often asked questions about our ice cream – especially about who makes it, what’s in it, and where these ingredients come from. We have many customers with dietary restrictions or preferences, and we believe in honouring their trust with honesty and by giving them all the information they […]

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S’mores: June’s Flavour of the Month

We’re excited to announce June’s Flavour of the Month is S’Mores. What are S’mores? A campfire classic, centered on the toasted marshmallow. Traditionally, S’mores (or “some more”) is a toasted marshmallow, sandwiched between two whole wheat biscuits with a chocolate square. The hot marshmallow melts the chocolate, and fuses the ingredients into a delicious, crunchy-yet-chewy […]

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Masterchef SA

So…. Masterchef. We got a call the week after New Year’s, from Masterchef SA’s culinary producer. He explained that they were looking for the nation’s best artisanal ice cream producer to lead a masterclass for a contestant in season two. My first thought: Haha, how funny. Who is this really?? My second thought: Erm, nation’s […]

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They dined on mince And slices of quince Which they ate with a runcible spoon And hand in hand On the edge of the sand They danced by the light of the moon – from The Owl and The Pussycat, by Edward Lear Italians refer to old fashioned fruit which have fallen from modern popularity […]

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Big News

In ten weeks’ time, we will be opening our first ever, bricks-and-mortar shop. The Creamery Cafe will be in Newlands Quarter, overlooking Dean Street. We will be scooping ice cream into cups and cones, and selling our take-home pints, but also offering an ice cream-focused, seasonal dessert menu, too, including sundaes, warm desserts and milkshakes, […]

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Cream Team Picks: Top 5 Flavours

Most of our staff have been with us now for three or more seasons, so we thought we’d take a quick census on their top 5 favourite flavours, and their top Autumn pick, too.   Kate: Top Five: raspberry choc chip, peanut butter, toasted almond, granadilla choc chip, nectarine Autumn Pick: Bon Rouge Pear   […]

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Summer, Reviewed

  Soooo…. summerrrrr. I feel like we can talk about summer in the past tense now, since a) all our weddings/festivals ended last week, and b) even as a winter-denialist, I have to agree, autumn – and our ‘quiet’ season is definitely here. But back to summer. In some ways, this felt like our first […]

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Rebrand: Who is The Creamery?

So. I spoke a little bit about the motivations behind our rebranding project, here. To kickstart the rebrand, the ridiculously talented and creative people we have hired to assist us require a ‘brand guideline’ from us. So we need to identify our brand message priorities (i.e. what do want people to associate our company with […]

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