Bon Rouge Pears

*I will be sharing and demonstrating our recipe for Bon  Rouge Pear Ice Cream on SABC 3’s Expresso Show tomorrow morning (Tues 16 april 2013), at 8.12am* Yours truly, holding a super-sized Packham’s Triumph from Nowo Organics last Autumn It’s almost impossible to eat a middling pear. Either they are absolutely perfect – juicy, creamy, […]

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Katawba Grapes

We really like collaborating with other businesses and organisations, so I’m really happy to be making Katawba grape ice cream with grapes grown by Soil for Life. They offer courses in natural food gardening, predominantly to poor communities on the Cape Flats, and I’ve worked with them in the past, when I was involved in […]

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Sweet Melon Sherbet

It’s really hard to grow decent sweet melons. Bugs and mould love them, they’re hungry feeders, and it’s very easy to end up with tasteless, watery melons for all your troubles. Like last year, we’ve gotten sweet melons at the end of summer from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal, one of our largest farm suppliers. Sweet […]

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A Little Help From Our Friends

  I’m sorry we’ve been so quiet on the blog. We’re coming off an epic Design Indaba, a relaxed Maynardville Open Air run, and a lovely Argus Cycle Tour (in the Cycle Tour Trust VIP tent, no less), Getaway Expo, and Eat Out Produce Awards night market, and heading into Constantia Food & Wine Festival, […]

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We get more publicity from far-out flavours like Darling Brew Weisbeer, banana & candied bacon (we did this one for Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants) and sweet corn & peach, but the ones that are often the hardest to develop, are the simplest: our fruit flavours. The simple story: To make our fruit ice creams, we […]

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Tea Time

  A while ago, I bought a box of green tea at Woolworths, and promptly forgot about it at the back of a kitchen cupboard. Well, many months later I uncovered it, tried it, and really liked it. To the point where it’s become part of my Sunday morning routine – get up, make a […]

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Some people assume kids are our biggest, and most enthusiastic, customers. We think they’d be surprised at how often adults lose their control at the sight of ice cream. Even big, hulking tattoo-covered men. Case in point: our warm reception at the Tattoo Expo two weeks ago, held somewhat incongruously at City Hall. If you’ve […]

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Six Weeks in Photos

Here are some of my favourite snaps of the action, taken in the past six weeks. FRUIT: this is such a fabulous time of year, fruit-wise. We’re getting in 40-odd kg of stone fruit a week, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal. Above, nectarines, prune plums, peaches. I fall in love all over again with […]

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A Real Job

Last week at our stall at Earthfair St George’s Market, a customer told one of our scoopers, “You should get a real job”. He was busy tasting a bunch of our flavours at the time, and this comment came in no particular context. Our scooper sweetly asked him, “So what do you do for a […]

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Plastic Fantastic

We love sharing the stories behind our ingredients here on the blog, which usually involve a trip out to a farm and fabulous photos of berries and pastoral landscapes dotted with cows. So while this might be a radical departure from our usual ‘producers’, today I want to showcase our perspex supplier. While we tend […]

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Last Minute Berry Festival!

While Cape Town is crazy busy at the moment, it seems berries don’t care about human timing, and it’s the height of their season. So we’re having a mini berry festival this weekend at our new V&A Market on the Wharf stall, and scooping 5 different berry ice creams each day, Friday-Monday. Think: apricot & […]

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Season’s Eatings

Last Christmas was actually a pretty quiet time for us at Creamery HQ. We were only one month old, no one knew who we really were (or what ice cream deliciousness we were capable of), all our suppliers were shut. It was regroup-and-refocus time, after our launch. And while we’re hoping that this Christmas will […]

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V&A Food Market: First Days

This was supposed to be a blog posted entitled “Final Touches”, but to be honest, we’re still working on those (signboard or visible logo, anybody??). The first five days ended up being the first three days, since the fire inspector declined to approve the market for trading on Wednesday – two hours after we’d already […]

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Berry Nice

This Saturday I went to meet with our new berry supplier and pick up our first batch of berries. Each summer we get blueberries and blackberries from Bloublommetjieskloof Farm (in Wellington) and Kleinjongenskraal Farm (in Citrusdal) and strawberries from a small grower in Stellenbosch, but up until now I’ve never been able to source organically […]

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market banner

V&A Food Market: Counters

This is a blog series on setting up our new permanent stall at The Market on The Wharf. You can read the other posts here. SCOOP COUNTER: Unlike our mobile scoop freezers, which we engineered ourselves to work as scoop counters, our stall scoop counter will be a traditional, commercial (“grown up”) scoop counter. Scoop […]

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V&A Food Market: Elements of Our Stall

This is a blog series on setting up our new permanent stall at The Market on The Wharf. You can read the other posts here. Elements of Our Stall: I’ve been spending so much time stressing about what our stall will look like and how much it will cost, that I’ve kind of forgotten that […]

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front with mtn

V&A Food Market

There’s a new market in town, and The Creamery’s going to be there! The Market on the Wharf is going to be the first five-day food market in Cape Town, focusing predominantly on fresh produce for home cooks, but also offering a small section of prepared food vendors as well. It will be based in […]

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Happy First Birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our first birthday at The Creamery. It’s been a long time since I celebrated a Big Deal Birthday of my own, and this one really did feel like a special occasion, not just for me or The Creamery, but for the fabulous group of people who helped us survive our […]

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sugar magnolia 1

Washington, DC: Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia is a tiny storefront which sells coffee, ice cream by the scoop, cookies and pre-made ice cream sandwiches. I took a posse of willing wedding friends along to sample the ice cream sandwiches, and we were so eager beaver we were there five minutes before the doors opened at noon. So we made […]

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williams sonoma

US Trip Trends: Counters

OK, this is not so much a trend as something I’m super aware of right now. We’re busy planning our stall at the new Market on the Wharf at The V&A Waterfront, which opens on 1 December, and one of the tricky decisions is what our counter should be made of. Marble topped, with raw […]

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