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Meet the Ice Cream Makers: Progress

Progress (one name, like Beyoncé) is Head of Production at The Creamery and has been a part of our team since we started scooping in 2011. Aside from being an actual professional ice cream developer and taster, he is responsible for figuring out just how to capture our favourite flavours (Carrot Cake, Melktert, Naartjie) in ice […]

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They dined on mince And slices of quince Which they ate with a runcible spoon And hand in hand On the edge of the sand They danced by the light of the moon – from The Owl and The Pussycat, by Edward Lear Italians refer to old fashioned fruit which have fallen from modern popularity […]

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Bon Rouge Pears

*I will be sharing and demonstrating our recipe for Bon  Rouge Pear Ice Cream on SABC 3’s Expresso Show tomorrow morning (Tues 16 april 2013), at 8.12am* Yours truly, holding a super-sized Packham’s Triumph from Nowo Organics last Autumn It’s almost impossible to eat a middling pear. Either they are absolutely perfect – juicy, creamy, […]

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Katawba Grapes

We really like collaborating with other businesses and organisations, so I’m really happy to be making Katawba grape ice cream with grapes grown by Soil for Life. They offer courses in natural food gardening, predominantly to poor communities on the Cape Flats, and I’ve worked with them in the past, when I was involved in […]

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Sweet Melon Sherbet

It’s really hard to grow decent sweet melons. Bugs and mould love them, they’re hungry feeders, and it’s very easy to end up with tasteless, watery melons for all your troubles. Like last year, we’ve gotten sweet melons at the end of summer from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal, one of our largest farm suppliers. Sweet […]

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Tea Time

  A while ago, I bought a box of green tea at Woolworths, and promptly forgot about it at the back of a kitchen cupboard. Well, many months later I uncovered it, tried it, and really liked it. To the point where it’s become part of my Sunday morning routine – get up, make a […]

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Plastic Fantastic

We love sharing the stories behind our ingredients here on the blog, which usually involve a trip out to a farm and fabulous photos of berries and pastoral landscapes dotted with cows. So while this might be a radical departure from our usual ‘producers’, today I want to showcase our perspex supplier. While we tend […]

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First Strawberries

We’ve been waiting for strawberry season to start since, well, last summer’s strawberry season ended in February this year. We’ve been irritatedly eying the super-early strawberries for sale at the traffic lights for a month now, waiting for word that our naturally-grown field strawberries (i.e. grown outside, in soil, and not under shade cloth or […]

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Winter Citrus

We’re enjoying a lot of different kinds of citrus at the moment, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal in (aptly named) Citrusdal. We’re learning the difference between mandarins and clementines and meeting entirely new fruit like shaddock (better known as pomelo). We seem to have missed, in the blink of an eye, the ruby grapefruit season, which I’m […]

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New at Starlings Market

I know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but one of the loveliest markets we sell at each week is the Urban Farmers Market at Starlings Cafe in Claremont. It’s from Wednesday, 4-6pm, and it’s the closest thing to a farmer’s market in Cape Town. Just a handful of producers, and everything you need for […]

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West Coast Road Trip

We get our milk and cream delivered once a week to our kitchens in Mowbray, but once in a while something goes pear-shaped (the farmer can’t deliver, we have a massive last minute order, a fridgeful of cream goes off – you name it, it happens), and we find ourselves driving up to Hopefield to […]

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No Supplier Too Small

People in food industry scratch their heads when they hear that we have too many fresh produce suppliers to count. Our guardian angels/farmers range in scale from third-generation fruit farms producing tonnes of fruit each season, to emerging farmers who own a set of tools and not much more, and make a living growing short […]

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Hello, Autumn!

We’ve been ignoring the changing of the leaves and the occasional crispness in the air, but now it’s official: the season is changing. Our first quinces and Bon Chretienne pears arrived from Kleinjongenskraal Farm today. We’re in the midst of preparing for a corporate event on Sunday, and churning for our March ice cream club […]

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The Sunlight on the Garden

Some of you may remember my mid-summer post on foraging for herbs in my mother’s herb garden. Well, with all the exciting stuff going on at Creamery HQ it’s taken me most of the summer to get back there, and maybe it was emphasized by the time of day (early evening), but it definitely feels […]

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Down But Not Out

There is very little as sad as an ice cream production kitchen with no churn. Except perhaps the ice cream makers. After last week’s post on things not going our way, I was hoping not to have any excuse to revisit the topic. Well. After losing the churn to repairs (and three production days) last […]

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Basil, Times Three

My invoice from Franci, our herb grower, reads as follows this week: Chocolate peppermint (Yay! Glad to have that back in the kitchen) Green basil (For pairing with the last of the strawberries, for this months’ Ice Cream Club) Red basil (I’m guessing this is a holy basil variety. Something new for us to play […]

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Sure as Eggs

This is what 720 eggs look like: And this is what the honour system looks like: I had totally forgotten, but one of the eggs Celia delivered to us last week cracked in transit. She noticed, and told me she would be bringing me six extra to make up for it this week, as that […]

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