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Meet the Ice Cream Makers: Progress

Progress (one name, like Beyoncé) is Head of Production at The Creamery and has been a part of our team since we started scooping in 2011. Aside from being an actual professional ice cream developer and taster, he is responsible for figuring out just how to capture our favourite flavours (Carrot Cake, Melktert, Naartjie) in ice […]

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The Creamery & Saszali bring you easy, delicious desserts

Welcome to our second The Creamery & Saszali Creative Colab, bringing you a series of inspiring and easy desserts. The lovely Sarah & Jane of Saszali and our Katy Rose of The Creamery set up a workshop, bringing together creative energy, delicious flavours and tempting visuals. This week’s dessert is a summertime classic: Eton Mess. […]

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The Creamery Strawberry Ice Cream

The Creamery & Saszali bring you delicious, easy desserts

    This is the first in our The Creamery & Saszali Creative Colab, bringing you a series of inspiring and easy desserts. The holiday season is almost upon us: the evenings are warmer, the days longer and we’re all dreaming up delicious seasonal entertaining ideas. The lovely Sarah & Jane of Saszali and our […]

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The Creamery moves to a new home

  Opening our Newlands Café in September last year brought many changes to The Creamery – the most notable being that we changed our business from being a very seasonal one, to a business that thrives year round. But the café has also meant that we’ve been able to increasing our permanent staff by 7 […]

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Mosque at Sunset

The Creamery- Is our ice cream halaal?

As an independent food business, we are often asked questions about our ice cream – especially about who makes it, what’s in it, and where these ingredients come from. We have many customers with dietary restrictions or preferences, and we believe in honouring their trust with honesty and by giving them all the information they […]

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Masterchef SA

So…. Masterchef. We got a call the week after New Year’s, from Masterchef SA’s culinary producer. He explained that they were looking for the nation’s best artisanal ice cream producer to lead a masterclass for a contestant in season two. My first thought: Haha, how funny. Who is this really?? My second thought: Erm, nation’s […]

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They dined on mince And slices of quince Which they ate with a runcible spoon And hand in hand On the edge of the sand They danced by the light of the moon – from The Owl and The Pussycat, by Edward Lear Italians refer to old fashioned fruit which have fallen from modern popularity […]

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Summer, Reviewed

  Soooo…. summerrrrr. I feel like we can talk about summer in the past tense now, since a) all our weddings/festivals ended last week, and b) even as a winter-denialist, I have to agree, autumn – and our ‘quiet’ season is definitely here. But back to summer. In some ways, this felt like our first […]

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Bon Rouge Pears

*I will be sharing and demonstrating our recipe for Bon  Rouge Pear Ice Cream on SABC 3’s Expresso Show tomorrow morning (Tues 16 april 2013), at 8.12am* Yours truly, holding a super-sized Packham’s Triumph from Nowo Organics last Autumn It’s almost impossible to eat a middling pear. Either they are absolutely perfect – juicy, creamy, […]

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Katawba Grapes

We really like collaborating with other businesses and organisations, so I’m really happy to be making Katawba grape ice cream with grapes grown by Soil for Life. They offer courses in natural food gardening, predominantly to poor communities on the Cape Flats, and I’ve worked with them in the past, when I was involved in […]

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Sweet Melon Sherbet

It’s really hard to grow decent sweet melons. Bugs and mould love them, they’re hungry feeders, and it’s very easy to end up with tasteless, watery melons for all your troubles. Like last year, we’ve gotten sweet melons at the end of summer from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal, one of our largest farm suppliers. Sweet […]

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We get more publicity from far-out flavours like Darling Brew Weisbeer, banana & candied bacon (we did this one for Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants) and sweet corn & peach, but the ones that are often the hardest to develop, are the simplest: our fruit flavours. The simple story: To make our fruit ice creams, we […]

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Six Weeks in Photos

Here are some of my favourite snaps of the action, taken in the past six weeks. FRUIT: this is such a fabulous time of year, fruit-wise. We’re getting in 40-odd kg of stone fruit a week, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal. Above, nectarines, prune plums, peaches. I fall in love all over again with […]

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First Strawberries

We’ve been waiting for strawberry season to start since, well, last summer’s strawberry season ended in February this year. We’ve been irritatedly eying the super-early strawberries for sale at the traffic lights for a month now, waiting for word that our naturally-grown field strawberries (i.e. grown outside, in soil, and not under shade cloth or […]

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The fortnight in Photos

The best laid plans of bloggers… today we’ve got a fortnight in photos, not a week in photos, but all the more behind the scenes shenanigans to share with you. STAFF Marianne made a birthday cake for Harmony’s little girl; staff brought in jars to take advantage of the ridiculously low bring-your-own-jar prices of our […]

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The Week in Photos

OK, we’re trying something new; an informal, behind-the-scenes glance at life at Creamery HQ, as frequently as we can manage it. Some of it has to do with ice cream, and lot of it does not, but we’re sharing it anyway. Let us know what you think! We’re the lucky subject of a one minute […]

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Winter Citrus

We’re enjoying a lot of different kinds of citrus at the moment, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal in (aptly named) Citrusdal. We’re learning the difference between mandarins and clementines and meeting entirely new fruit like shaddock (better known as pomelo). We seem to have missed, in the blink of an eye, the ruby grapefruit season, which I’m […]

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Winter Shut Down 2012

After dealing with several unexpected and deeply undesired shutdowns earlier this year, it feels funny winding down into our first-ever planned shutdown. We’re taking two weeks off, so all our staff can take their annual leave simultaneously. The idea of quietly hemorrhaging staff over a two month period while we each took turns having a […]

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Sundae Any Day

I’ve never really liked ice cream sundaes. Aside from the sheer size of the monsters, too often the ice cream is smothered in one overly sweet sauce after another, lots of higgledy piggledy toppings and in the end tastes of nothing but sugar. We spend so much time and effort making our ice cream flavours […]

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Development Week: Macaron Demo at Ma Mere Maison

We’ve been developing a chewy almond cookie, loosely based on macarons, for our ice cream sandwiches. So far our cookies are good, but not great. So who better to go to for some macaron basic training than our sister food business, Ma Mere Maison? I think we first met Lexi at Neighbourgoods Market, where she […]

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