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Meet the Team: Chantelle Whyte

Chantelle Whyte is Human Resources Manager here at The Creamery. She is also constantly smiling, energetic and the perfect balance between maternal and sassy. We sat down to chat (and laugh a lot!) with her… The Creamery:  What does being a Human Resources Manager entail? Chantelle Whyte: My role at The Creamery includes hiring and […]

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Summer, Reviewed

  Soooo…. summerrrrr. I feel like we can talk about summer in the past tense now, since a) all our weddings/festivals ended last week, and b) even as a winter-denialist, I have to agree, autumn – and our ‘quiet’ season is definitely here. But back to summer. In some ways, this felt like our first […]

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Some people assume kids are our biggest, and most enthusiastic, customers. We think they’d be surprised at how often adults lose their control at the sight of ice cream. Even big, hulking tattoo-covered men. Case in point: our warm reception at the Tattoo Expo two weeks ago, held somewhat incongruously at City Hall. If you’ve […]

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Six Weeks in Photos

Here are some of my favourite snaps of the action, taken in the past six weeks. FRUIT: this is such a fabulous time of year, fruit-wise. We’re getting in 40-odd kg of stone fruit a week, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal. Above, nectarines, prune plums, peaches. I fall in love all over again with […]

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A Real Job

Last week at our stall at Earthfair St George’s Market, a customer told one of our scoopers, “You should get a real job”. He was busy tasting a bunch of our flavours at the time, and this comment came in no particular context. Our scooper sweetly asked him, “So what do you do for a […]

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V&A Food Market: First Days

This was supposed to be a blog posted entitled “Final Touches”, but to be honest, we’re still working on those (signboard or visible logo, anybody??). The first five days ended up being the first three days, since the fire inspector declined to approve the market for trading on Wednesday – two hours after we’d already […]

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The Tardy List

So. Despite longing for warm weather for most of winter, now that it’s almost here, we still haven’t managed to do half the things we said we would, and we don’t really feel ready for the onslaught of Ice Cream Season (also known as Summer). Some people are just never satisfied. Things We Were Supposed […]

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The fortnight in Photos

The best laid plans of bloggers… today we’ve got a fortnight in photos, not a week in photos, but all the more behind the scenes shenanigans to share with you. STAFF Marianne made a birthday cake for Harmony’s little girl; staff brought in jars to take advantage of the ridiculously low bring-your-own-jar prices of our […]

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The Week in Photos

OK, we’re trying something new; an informal, behind-the-scenes glance at life at Creamery HQ, as frequently as we can manage it. Some of it has to do with ice cream, and lot of it does not, but we’re sharing it anyway. Let us know what you think! We’re the lucky subject of a one minute […]

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Sundae Any Day

I’ve never really liked ice cream sundaes. Aside from the sheer size of the monsters, too often the ice cream is smothered in one overly sweet sauce after another, lots of higgledy piggledy toppings and in the end tastes of nothing but sugar. We spend so much time and effort making our ice cream flavours […]

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New at Starlings Market

I know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but one of the loveliest markets we sell at each week is the Urban Farmers Market at Starlings Cafe in Claremont. It’s from Wednesday, 4-6pm, and it’s the closest thing to a farmer’s market in Cape Town. Just a handful of producers, and everything you need for […]

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Winter is Coming

I’ve been threatening for a while to get a poster like this and put it in the kitchen, but Marianne, our manager, said it felt too threatening. Well, it doesn’t take Game of Thrones to tell us in Creameryland what the calendar can confirm; decidedly ice-cream-unfriendly weather is heading our way. The end of summer […]

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Four Weeks at Maynardville

Four weeks down, and one to go. We’ve been scooping at The Comedy of Errors, before the show and during interval, at the beautiful Maynardville Open Air Theatre in Wynberg since mid-January. It’s the first long-term pop up stall we’ve run, and it’s been a great opportunity to fine tune our market logistics, meet loads […]

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