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Meet the Team: Chantelle Whyte

Chantelle Whyte is Human Resources Manager here at The Creamery. She is also constantly smiling, energetic and the perfect balance between maternal and sassy. We sat down to chat (and laugh a lot!) with her… The Creamery:  What does being a Human Resources Manager entail? Chantelle Whyte: My role at The Creamery includes hiring and […]

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Meet the Ice Cream Makers: Progress

Progress (one name, like Beyoncé) is Head of Production at The Creamery and has been a part of our team since we started scooping in 2011. Aside from being an actual professional ice cream developer and taster, he is responsible for figuring out just how to capture our favourite flavours (Carrot Cake, Melktert, Naartjie) in ice […]

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Meet Your Barista: Beaven Jengwa

If you want your coffee served with a smile, then Beaven is your guy. Not only does he beam from ear to ear, but his knowledge of coffee and the care he takes in brewing a cup means every coffee made by Beaven is a joyous experience. The Creamery: Quick! Word association game-give us four words you […]

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Meet Your Barista: Thabo Siyepu

Thabo is a Creamery café supervisor and an experienced barista. He has a wonderfully calming presence at both our Salt River and Newlands Cafés. He answered some of our questions about Rosetta Roastery coffee and what it takes to make a brilliant coffee. The Creamery: Why do you love coffee? Thabo: You can connect with people […]

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Masterchef SA

So…. Masterchef. We got a call the week after New Year’s, from Masterchef SA’s culinary producer. He explained that they were looking for the nation’s best artisanal ice cream producer to lead a masterclass for a contestant in season two. My first thought: Haha, how funny. Who is this really?? My second thought: Erm, nation’s […]

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Cream Team Picks: Top 5 Flavours

Most of our staff have been with us now for three or more seasons, so we thought we’d take a quick census on their top 5 favourite flavours, and their top Autumn pick, too.   Kate: Top Five: raspberry choc chip, peanut butter, toasted almond, granadilla choc chip, nectarine Autumn Pick: Bon Rouge Pear   […]

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Summer, Reviewed

  Soooo…. summerrrrr. I feel like we can talk about summer in the past tense now, since a) all our weddings/festivals ended last week, and b) even as a winter-denialist, I have to agree, autumn – and our ‘quiet’ season is definitely here. But back to summer. In some ways, this felt like our first […]

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Some people assume kids are our biggest, and most enthusiastic, customers. We think they’d be surprised at how often adults lose their control at the sight of ice cream. Even big, hulking tattoo-covered men. Case in point: our warm reception at the Tattoo Expo two weeks ago, held somewhat incongruously at City Hall. If you’ve […]

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Six Weeks in Photos

Here are some of my favourite snaps of the action, taken in the past six weeks. FRUIT: this is such a fabulous time of year, fruit-wise. We’re getting in 40-odd kg of stone fruit a week, mainly from Kleinjongenskraal Farm in Citrusdal. Above, nectarines, prune plums, peaches. I fall in love all over again with […]

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A Real Job

Last week at our stall at Earthfair St George’s Market, a customer told one of our scoopers, “You should get a real job”. He was busy tasting a bunch of our flavours at the time, and this comment came in no particular context. Our scooper sweetly asked him, “So what do you do for a […]

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Season’s Eatings

Last Christmas was actually a pretty quiet time for us at Creamery HQ. We were only one month old, no one knew who we really were (or what ice cream deliciousness we were capable of), all our suppliers were shut. It was regroup-and-refocus time, after our launch. And while we’re hoping that this Christmas will […]

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V&A Food Market: First Days

This was supposed to be a blog posted entitled “Final Touches”, but to be honest, we’re still working on those (signboard or visible logo, anybody??). The first five days ended up being the first three days, since the fire inspector declined to approve the market for trading on Wednesday – two hours after we’d already […]

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Happy First Birthday

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our first birthday at The Creamery. It’s been a long time since I celebrated a Big Deal Birthday of my own, and this one really did feel like a special occasion, not just for me or The Creamery, but for the fabulous group of people who helped us survive our […]

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We’re Hiring: Full Time Scoop Sales Staff

SEEKING: FULL TIME SERVING STAFF FOR ICE CREAM COMPANY We are seeking serving staff for our new ice cream company starting in Cape Town in November, at our market stall at the new V&A Market on the Wharf. This is a full time, ongoing position. JOB DESCRIPTION Organize and keep the stall clean Serve customers […]

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Your Correspondent From Abroad

  I am writing this blog post from the comfort of an Amtrak express train, hurtling from Washington DC to New York. For those of you who have not run into me over the last two weeks in Cape Town, looking harried and panicked like a chicken with its head cut off, I have skipped […]

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First Strawberries

We’ve been waiting for strawberry season to start since, well, last summer’s strawberry season ended in February this year. We’ve been irritatedly eying the super-early strawberries for sale at the traffic lights for a month now, waiting for word that our naturally-grown field strawberries (i.e. grown outside, in soil, and not under shade cloth or […]

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Meet Our Team: Abigail

Name: Abigail Nicknames: Abi Job Title: Junior Assistant Manager What She Actually Does: Abi does three very important things for us. She scoops ice cream at our markets and special events (which is where you’ve probably met her; no one is immune to her ice cream selling charms), she maintains stock control records at our […]

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Meet Our Team: Marianne

Name: Marianne Nicknames: Mari Job Title: Manager What that actually means: Marianne does a bit of everything: admin, PR, customer service, research, errands, deliveries & collections, scooping at markets and events, staff supervision. My right hand woman, the glue that holds us all together, Marianne also serves as an invaluable sounding board with an unerring […]

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Meet Our Team: Kate

Name: Kate Nicknames: Ma’am, The Ice Cream Lady, The Boss Job Title: Owner and Founder of The Creamery Ice Cream What That Actually Means: As with all small business owners, Kate juggles lots of things simultaneously. She manages company finances, supervises production, oversees admin, handles the blog, website and some of the social media responsibilities, […]

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Meet Our Team

In our blog posts and emails we often mention members of our staff in passing, and you’ve probably met a couple of them at our market stalls or HQ. And it’s high time we put something under ‘our team’ on our website. So over the next two weeks, we will be introducing you to members […]

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