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Ten Things

So, we’re now less than two months away from The Creamery’s first birthday, and it’s making me reflect on our first year in business. Now, there’s generally very little time for reflection or seeing the bigger picture in the first year of any business (I’ve heard this period pretty accurately described as ‘a year of […]

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The fortnight in Photos

The best laid plans of bloggers… today we’ve got a fortnight in photos, not a week in photos, but all the more behind the scenes shenanigans to share with you. STAFF Marianne made a birthday cake for Harmony’s little girl; staff brought in jars to take advantage of the ridiculously low bring-your-own-jar prices of our […]

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What We Did On Our Holidays

We’ve been back one month now from our first-ever two week annual shutdown. Did you miss us? We missed you, and The Creamery. All our staff (and several of our customers) were given strict instructions to report back any ice cream-related activity, whether Creamery-supplied or not, in the name of research. So we happily present […]

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Saying Farewell

Two weeks ago, Oded Schwartz passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was the co-owner of Oded’s Kitchen in Woodstock, one of our favourite fellow food businesses in Cape Town. Aside from Oded’s significant contributions internationally to the tradition of food preservation, he was a really nice guy, gentle but with a constant […]

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The Week in Photos

OK, we’re trying something new; an informal, behind-the-scenes glance at life at Creamery HQ, as frequently as we can manage it. Some of it has to do with ice cream, and lot of it does not, but we’re sharing it anyway. Let us know what you think! We’re the lucky subject of a one minute […]

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Happy Birthday, Abi!

On our first day back from our winter holiday, we eased into work mode with a birthday lunch for Abi. She turned 21 in early July, while we were all away. Those of you who appreciate a good burger will recognize Clarke’s Dining in the background. Lyndall and her team make a damn fine sundae […]

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Winter Shut Down 2012

After dealing with several unexpected and deeply undesired shutdowns earlier this year, it feels funny winding down into our first-ever planned shutdown. We’re taking two weeks off, so all our staff can take their annual leave simultaneously. The idea of quietly hemorrhaging staff over a two month period while we each took turns having a […]

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development week

Development Week

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, how many flavours do you make? People are always amazed that we don’t have a definitive flavour list or product line, and that we don’t ever intend on having one, either. We make seriously delicious ice cream, but part of what keeps both our […]

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Around The Kitchen: Signs and Scribbles

I take a lot of photos of random things I see at Creamery HQ. While trying to sort through my ‘random photos’ file last week, I realized that a lot of the stuff which strikes me as interesting, funny or touching is the little doodles, labels and signs that staff and friends write. I think […]

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Graceless Under Fire

  “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, it’s just possible you haven’t grasped the situation.” -Jean Kerr Marianne and I deal with stress very differently. She tends to stomp around and pull faces and make a noise, and I withdraw into myself, grimly determined and stoic. Or so […]

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We’re Hiring (again!)

We are looking for new scoop staff for two positions: Our pop up shop in Kalkbay Our Cape Town market stalls For Kalkbay: Shifts are from 11.00-18.00, in Kalkbay You must be able to work 3-5 shifts a week, between Wednesday and Sunday We need someone for the month of March, but we might extend […]

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Harmony in the Kitchen

We’re excited to welcome a new member to The Creamery team: Harmony. Harmony will be joining Progress in the kitchen, to help us increase our ice cream production. He brings a calmness and a maturity to the kitchen, that perfectly complement Progress’s enthusiasm and funny, funny sense of humour. We suspect it is going to […]

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Down But Not Out

There is very little as sad as an ice cream production kitchen with no churn. Except perhaps the ice cream makers. After last week’s post on things not going our way, I was hoping not to have any excuse to revisit the topic. Well. After losing the churn to repairs (and three production days) last […]

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At Clarke’s

To celebrate Progress’s birthday, we had our first staff lunch out last week. We chose to go to Clarke’s on Bree Street, because we’ve been hearing how good their cheeseburgers are, and because they are the first restaurant to stock our ice cream. Aside from facilitating our restaurant debut, Clarke’s also lists their suppliers on […]

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Brownie Points

I showed Progress how to bake brownies today. Actually, it sort of started out as a lesson in brownie baking, segued into a lecture on the history of the ice cream sandwich in American food culture, and finished with a demonstration in how to overbeat egg whites (believe it or not, that last one was […]

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