Cream Team Picks: Top 5 Flavours

Most of our staff have been with us now for three or more seasons, so we thought we’d take a quick census on their top 5 favourite flavours, and their top Autumn pick, too.



Top Five: raspberry choc chip, peanut butter, toasted almond, granadilla choc chip, nectarine

Autumn Pick: Bon Rouge Pear



Top Six (yes, she’s cheating): granadilla choc chip; raspberry choc chip; strawberry basil; apple crumble; banana & ganache; naartjie choc chip

 Autumn Pick:  toasted coconut & lime/banana ganache/katawba grape


Top Five: raspberry choc chip, coconut lime swirl, naartjie choc chip, granadilla choc chip, pear

Autumn Pick: barley malt



Top Five: Barley Malt, Granadilla choc chip, Ethiopian coffee, Vanilla bean, Bone Crusher beer

Autumn: can’t decide!



Top Five: vanilla, mango, strawberry, coffee, lime curd swirl (but granadilla choc chip, rooibos chai & coconut lime are HIGH up there too)

Autumn Pick: Rooibos chai by far!



Top Five: lime swirl, banana walnut, raspberry chocolate chip, prickly passions (prickly pear granadilla), white chocolate granadilla

Autumn Pick: sea salt caramel



Top Five: Peanut Butter, Bon Rouge Pear (I like the other pears. This is just my favourite.), Jasmine Blossom, Olive Oil, Granadilla Choc Chip

Autumn Pick: Bon Rouge Pear



Top Five: Sea Salt Caramel, Honey and Pecan, Jasmine Green Tea and Cherry, Granadilla Choc Chip, Coconut and Lime Curd

Autumn Pick: Bon Rouge Pear



Top Five: Sweet Melon, Barley Malt, Peanut Butter, Vanilla Bean and Jasmine

Autumn Pick: Barley Malt



Top Five: Boysenberry, raspberry choc chip, vanilla bean, granadilla choc chip, blackberry yoghurt swirl

Autumn Pick: banana walnut



Top Five: Barley Malt, banana walnut, pear, blueberry, 65% chocolate

Autumn Pick: Barley Malt


As you can see granadilla choc chip, barley malt, Bon Rouge pear and vanilla bean are the most popular, but I really love how many different flavours are on this list!


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