The Creamery & Saszali bring you delicious, easy desserts



This is the first in our The Creamery & Saszali Creative Colab, bringing you a series of inspiring and easy desserts. The holiday season is almost upon us: the evenings are warmer, the days longer and we’re all dreaming up delicious seasonal entertaining ideas. The lovely Sarah & Jane of Saszali and our Katy Rose of The Creamery set up a workshop, bringing together creative energy, delicious flavours and tempting visuals.

This week we’re featuring a Saszali Chocolate Torte, The Creamery Strawberry Ice Cream and homemade chocolate sauce. The Chocolate Torte is a gluten free dessert, with a rich brownie-type texture. For The Creamery Fans, they are very similar to our Hot Chocolate Puddings. Topped with a scoop of Creamery Strawberry Ice Cream, one of our most popular summer seasonal flavours. The dense richness of the torte pairs beautifully with the fresh, bright strawberry ice creams -and we topped off our dessert with a little extra luxury: a homemade hot chocolate sauce.

You can buy our chocolate tortes from Rosetta Roastery or Twigs with Beans (or
order a batch from us directly) and then grab a tub of Creamery Ice Cream from either of their stores (Newlands & Salt River ) and then use the simple chocolate sauce recipe below to create this decadent dessert.

Chocolate Sauce
Serves : Sauce for +/- 6 tortes

80g good quality dark chocolate (we recommend 56% dark chocolate)
100ml fresh pouring cream
Cut or grate your chocolate. Place it in a medium sized bowl.
Heat your cream to 80° C. (just before it starts bubbling)
Pour it over the chocolate. Leave it to sit for 1 minute. Then mix slowly, the chocolate will melt and a creamy consistency will prevail. Pour over your ice cream or dessert.
If you are making it ahead of time then place a piece of clingfilm over the sauce and leave out at room temperature. Should the mixture firm up then place in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds at a time to melt it down.


Create your Own
We’d love to see your creative dessert ideas: enter our competition and your dessert could be a Featured Dessert on The Creamery & Saszali Instagram accounts

Create your favourite summer dessert using The Creamery ice cream or Saszali Chocolates and share it on Instagram and you could win some sweet treats. At the end of November we will chose our favourite creation and you could win a jar of Saszali Salted Caramel, a box of nine Saszali chocolate truffles and 2 tubs of The Creamery ice cream of your choice.

How to enter
1. Follow The Creamery and Saszali Chocolates on Instagram.
2. Upload your photo and use the hashtag #sweetsummerCT
Competition Terms and Conditions
Prize must be collected from The Creamery Cafe in Salt River.
When you share your snaps with us please include the hashtag #sweetsummerCT. No tagging of old photos.
The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other products.
The winner will be announced on Saturday the 29th of November. The prize must be collected within 2 weeks.


Disclaimer: The non-ice cream products displayed here are for creative purposes only, and are not available at The Creamery Cafe’s