Help us help you this Valentine’s Day…

It’s a competition! Valentine’s Day is approaching and we’d like to do something special for 3 of our sweethearts…

Tell us why you need help this Valentine’s Day, in the form of your biggest Valentine’s Day disaster, and if we think yours is the best (worst?), we’ll help you help yourself by personally delivering a single portion tub of our super limited edition Valentines flavour – Prickly Passion – to YOUR sweetheart, with a handwritten note and balloons.

Prickly Passion is a pretty-in-pink combination of passion fruit and prickly pear, that we think is just all kinds of dreamy.

Please note that your sweetheart will have to be located between Kenilworth and Green Point, so we can do the delivery on Tuesday (The Big Day).

Post your entries below before 12h00 on Monday!

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  1. Lorien Amy

    my worst Valentines Day disaster happened when I was a wee lass. I wrote my primary-school-crush a love letter and walked over to his house to post it in his postbox.
    My mean neighbor followed me, stole the letter and proceeded to reply ‘as my crush’. She wrote sweet words, assuring me that ‘my crush’ loved me and wanted to kiss me at school.
    On receiving this letter (written by the mean neighbor masquerading as my crush) I ran over to my neighbors house to show her that HE LIKED ME and wanted to kiss me. She pretended to be excited for me and watched me humiliate myself at school the next day when I went up to my crush and tried to kiss him.

    I was utterly mortified when she admitted that SHE had written the reply letter and that he had not even RECEIVED my initial love letter. I cried in the girls loo for the rest of break time.

    I hated her for years, but we’re still neighbors, and now friends.

    (ice-cream please)

  2. Liz

    Every year, Valentines Day is a disaster for me, seeing as it is my birthday. None of my friends want/dare to come and play, and the restaurants have awful menus and are full of boring, yet apparently romantic people. Bah humbug to Valentine’s Day, and cupid peeing on my party.

  3. Natacha

    Sitting at dinner last night a friend asks what I am doing next week- I say well it’s girls night on tues to watch gossip girl… My husband (of only 2 years) looks at me wide eyed and says: “you know that tuesday is valentines, that means I’m off the hook! Yes!”

    What this means is that I ruined my own valentines!

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