Introducing our Winter Flavours 2015

So here we are, entering our fourth winter. Our first two winters were tight times, but we were small enough to muddle through rained-out markets and a dearth of weddings. Last winter we thought Newlands cafe had built up enough of a community to keep us scooping along nicely, and we were right. While there is certainly no certainty in this business, Winter ’15 feels like the closest we can get to it, and it feels good. It allows us to focus on the important thing: ice cream.

While I haven’t always loved the sales rhythm of a ‘seasonal’ business, I have always loved the changing flavours. Every season we get to welcome back our favourites like old friends, while also making space and time for some creative new flavours. Winter doesn’t offer the abundant variety of summer harvests, but I like the opportunity to reinvent a handful of fruits repeatedly over the season, as opposed to the dizzying choices of summer, where we often struggle to give each seasonal ingredient a starring role in our ice cream.

Pomes (the apple family), citrus and nuts are the cold weather stars. This season I am particularly looking forward to Northern Cape pistachio ice cream, spiced pecan, toffee apple (Grannysmith ice cream with buttercrunch toffee chunks), cardamom & pear, orange rosemary & honey, tea & candied kumquat. There are a couple flavours we have lined up for development, including lemon cheesecake, and pomelo brown sugar crunch.

They are by no means the only cold weather stars though – with fewer fruit to showcase, we raid our pantry for spices and teas, and showcase the talents of our in-house baker and candy maker. Ginger choc chip, rooibos chai, cardamom & rosewater marshmallow, carrot cake, coconut rice pudding, guava pudding cake.


Do you have any cold weather flavour suggestions? If so, please share them on our social media with #nevertoocold, or pop us an email.