We’re Hiring: Full Time Cafe Supervisor Durbanville

We are looking to recruit a full time supervisor to fearlessly lead, and work alongside, our teams during Café shifts, at our Durbanville Café.

The job entails:

  • Leading and working with our wonderful staff team in scooping ice cream, assembling desserts, making beverages in a busy café environment.
  • Assisting and engaging with customers in a friendly and knowledgeable way
  • Implementing our stock control, cash up, cleaning and food prep systems
  • Being a frontline ambassador for The Creamery
  • Liaising with HQ on staff, systems, customer feedback and product.

Are you our ideal candidate? We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Really outgoing, friendly and customer focused
  • Energetic, learns on the job, loves a fast-paced work environment
  • Responsible and exhibits natural leadership
  • Reliable and extremely punctual
  • Has at least one year’s hospitality experience managing/supervising teams in a restaurant, café or bar
  • Genuinely loves ice cream and desserts
  • Someone to commit to the position for at least 6 months

If that sounds like you, please send us your CV, and a cover letter telling us what your favourite food is to: joinourteam@thecreamery.co.za

A full time position constitutes 5 shifts a week, between Monday and Sunday.
This position includes UIF registration and paid annual leave.
Staff receive 1.5 hourly rate on Sundays, and night allowance for hours worked after 7pm. We offer staff transport home for shifts ending after 9pm to certain approved areas.
Shifts are around 8.5 hours each, and are usually a mix of day and night shifts.
The basic salary is R46 an hour, which is paid monthly.