We’re Hiring: Ice Cream Production Manager

We are looking for someone with leadership experience in artisanal food manufacturing to head our production kitchen. Our ideal candidate is professional, calm and kind, with experience running a bakery, pastry kitchen or other artisanal manufacturing facility. Someone who understands the creativity of artisanal food production, but the discipline and consistency of manufacturing.

We have a growing team of ten staff, plus a production supervisor, who make a wide range of ice cream flavours, as well as pastry products (sauces, mix-ins, toppings, cookies).  We need someone who can create and implement new systems and products, and mentor our team as we enter a period of growth, to allow us to manufacture quality products consistently and efficiently

At least four years’ experience in:

  • Hand’s on food manufacturing or commercial catering
  • Ideally pastry or baking experience, or complex artisanal food products
  • Production scheduling and new systems implementation
  • Enforcing/implementing hygiene and H&S systems
  • Supervising, mentoring and training general workers
  • Small business environments (not only massive factories!)

You must be:

  • Passionate about quality food products
  • Excited by and interested in creating checklists, policies and systems
  • Computer literate, including Excel

The role:

  • Plan, implement and control weekly production schedule
  • Directly supervise and mentor our production team
  • Production team discipline, appraisals and hiring
  • Quality Control: track and measure product quality, and investigate and correct non-conformance
  • Record and update master recipes
  • Oversee and drive development of new flavours and products
  • Develop and implement staff training materials
  • Develop and implement systems related to productivity, consistency, hygiene and safety
  • Manage waste and resource allocation
  • Supervise stock takes, rotation, equipment inspection, equipment maintenance schedules
  • Compile and implement standard operating procedures for production and ensure that these are adhered to
  • Estimate production costs and assist in planning for the growth of our facilities
  • Procure ingredients and consumables from our suppliers, and build relationships with them.
  • Serve on the Health and Safety committee in a leading role
  • Report to company directors

Key Information:

  • Full time position, 7.30am-4.30pm, Mon-Fri
  • Based at our Salt River HQ (location likely to change in next year)
  • Salary is market-related and is based on experience relevant to the role

To apply:

  • Please email your current CV to kate@thecreamery.co.za, and instead of a cover letter, please answer the seven questions, below. Use  PRODUCTION MANAGER in the subject line.
  • No exceptions to the experience requirements above will be considered. If you don’t have the experience, please don’t apply.
  • If you do not follow these instructions, we will not respond to or consider your application.



Please answer all questions as concisely as possible.

  1. What is your favourite dessert, and what in your opinion makes the difference between a good version of this dessert and an excellent version of this dessert?
  2. Describe your leadership style in three words or phrases.
  3. Name one system you implemented previously, and why you are proud of it.
  4. What’s one thing your current (or previous) production facility should work on improving/fixing?
  5. Name four characteristics you like to see/encourage in a production team.
  6. Name five key things you think a production manager should be scored on in a performance review.
  7. What are the worst habits that slip into production kitchens that are generally ‘well run’?

Our production manager will work closely with our company directors, ops manager, retail manager and HR manager. A proactive, adaptable and hands-on team player who enjoys the fast pace of a young, growing business would be a good fit for our energetic leadership team.