Meet Your Barista: Beaven Jengwa

If you want your coffee served with a smile, then Beaven is your guy. Not only does he beam from ear to ear, but his knowledge of coffee and the care he takes in brewing a cup means every coffee made by Beaven is a joyous experience.

The Creamery: Quick! Word association game-give us four words you associate with coffee.
Beaven: Flavourful, delicious, art, experience

TC: What information would be useful for people to know when ordering a coffee?
Beaven: Nowadays, many cafés favour flat whites over cappuccinos, and they’re not the same drink. Flat whites have less foam than cappucinos and can be quite strong as a result. They can often be too strong for people who enjoy cappuccinos.

People should also try drinking coffee without sugar and not add sugar automatically. That way you get to experience the full flavour of the coffee without masking it with sweetness. If you can’t drink coffee without sugar, you might want to try drinking a weaker beverage. For example, going from a flat white with two sugars to a latte without sugar. Don’t be afraid to ask your barista to make a beverage to your liking (extra shot, single shot, more foam, less milk, etc.).

TC: What is your favourite coffee beverage to drink?
Beaven: I like drinking flat whites. I like strong coffee-I also drink espressos. There isn’t too much milk in a flat white so you get to enjoy the flavour of the coffee faster than drinking a latte or a cappuccino.

TC: Why is there such a high level of expertise required in being a barista?
Beaven: It’s a skill and all skills must be learned and developed. You need to be precise in order to make a good coffee. There isn’t a lot of room for error.

TC: Why do you like Rosetta Roastery’s beans?
Beaven: Their beans make delicious coffee, and there’s a sweetness to their Nduma bean (Kenyan Single Origin) that I think is the perfect roast. While all their beans are Single Origin, we’ve been experimenting with our own blend of their beans for our Coffee ice cream. Blending beans is enjoyable because you can balance out the flavours-for example using a bean that is less rich with one that is fuller bodied

TC: What’s your favourite Creamery ice cream flavour to eat when you’re drinking coffee?
Beaven: Sweet Cream is the most neutral so it compliments the coffee well and won’t overpower the coffee. But our Coffee Ice cream paired with an espresso is also delicious. The more coffee, the better!

Bevan Coffee copy 2Thank you, Beaven!
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