New at Starlings Market

I know we’re not supposed to have favourites, but one of the loveliest markets we sell at each week is the Urban Farmers Market at Starlings Cafe in Claremont. It’s from Wednesday, 4-6pm, and it’s the closest thing to a farmer’s market in Cape Town. Just a handful of producers, and everything you need for your weekly shopping basket.

We were very sad to hear our friends from Afrikara Co-Op will no longer be taking the long trip out from Wolseley to bring fresh dairy products to the market, but when Trish asked us if we’d start bringing some other dairy items to supplement the loss, we thought it worth a try.

One of our dairy farmers, Jaco, makes really beautiful yoghurt and other products on his farm in Wellington. So for the next two weeks, we will be bringing a couple of his products to sell. We’ll only bring a couple of each until we can gauge demand, so if you’d like us to keep some aside for you, please email or tweet us to let us know what you’d like and we’ll keep it for you.

He farms with Jersey cows, that live and graze outside, and are milked by hand. His products cost a bit more than their supermarket equivalents, but are so delicious and contain no artificial anything.

This Week’s Product List:

1L farm yoghurt R35

700ml Greek yoghurt R35

350g vanilla drinking yoghurt R15

350g cottage cheese R35

350g creme fraiche R30


Order by 5pm today for collection at Starlings on Wednesday!

Starlings Urban Farmers Market

94 Belvedere Rd, Claremont

4-6pm, Wednesdays



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