One of Those Weeks


It’s been one of those weeks. One of our chest freezer’s fans split in two, the churn started making similar grinding noises in sympathy, we ran out of eggs, and discovered our recyclable pint containers do not have recycle markings on them, we hurt the feelings of a local blogger by totally ignoring the really nice article she wrote about us, and were called slapgat on twitter for not monitoring our feed before 9am on a Sunday. Most of this also happened in the last 24 hours. I realised today that tripling production and going from two to ten markets a week, and rolling out restaurant and retailer cup orders, all in the same week, might have been slightly overambitious. We are all tired, bone tired, from fifteen hour days, seven days a week.


Everything’s under warranty so various technicians came and replaced various motors, cooler fans and other things I can’t identify. I have two extra display freezers on hand for our retail roll-out that were more than happy to store our pints until the freezer was running again. We got maybe thirty new followers on twitter, most of whom don’t care about Sundays, anyway. Our blogger friend accepted our apology, we signed up to scoop at two weddings in late summer, we started our first-ever Ice Cream Club membership collection, on time and without issue, we’re scooping so much ice cream at Maynardville and meeting lots of new ice cream fans there, and we just launched a really lovely flavour competition with our friends at Yuppiechef.


A new batch of chocolate peppermint leaf ice cream just came out of the churn, and it is the most achingly beautiful, palest of jade greens. And it’s sitting there on the counter in little tubs, a symbol of everything we are getting right in this crazy, adolescent growing phase we’re going through right now. And if the next few weeks are as crazy and overwhelming as the last couple have been, we will get through them, taking the good with the bad, and humbly appreciating that we are building a dream here, dammit, and it’s ok to be tired and a bit frazzled and overwhelmed. We just must make time to stop and take stock,  and appreciate chocolate peppermint leaf ice cream, one spoonful at a time.



Kate is a company director. She spends her time on mentoring our leadership team, product development, new systems, finance, and business strategy. Her favourite ice cream flavours include raspberry choc chip, cookie dough, nectarine, jasmine blossom, toasted almond and berry cheesecake.

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