Have you shaken the hand that feeds you?

The Creamery was created as a platform to celebrate ingredients that are grown naturally on small family farms in the Western Cape.  Farmers are the people who feed us, and it is one of the hardest jobs there is, requiring a combination of skill, experience, hard work, a willingness to put up with whatever nature throws at you, and very little financial reward. Many of our farmers are the little guys, working on family farms and sometimes on borrowed ground, with a passion for the land and deep concern for the environment. The Creamery would not exist without them. They are our heroes, and we salute our spoons at them.

Here are some of our awesome suppliers:

Celia Myburgh at Homegrown Eggs, Stellenbosch*

  • Indecently large eggs from free-ranging chickens

The Buyskes Family at Little Boys’ Farm, Citrusdal*

  • Citrus, blackberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, quinces, rooibos

A Private Family Farm, Prieska, Northern Cape

  • Pistachios

Bassy & Chris, Berry Nice, Franschhoek*

  • raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries

A Private Family Farm, Franschhoek*

  • blueberries

Tshivhase Tea Estate, Limpopo

  • black tea

Camphill Farm Village, Cape West Coast*

  • yoghurt, labneh, mint, basil, chamomile

Brookfield Farm, Karoo*

  • pecans

Soil for Life*, Constantia

  • Catawba grapes

Weltevrede Farm, Prince Albert

  • Adamsvy figs

The Afrikara Co-Op, Wolseley*

  • Granadillas, figs, butternut, mangoes

The Macintosh Family, Twee Farm, Paarl*

  • mangoes

Alison at Tierhoek Farm, Roberston*

  • Apricots, plums and nectarines

Tankwa Karoo Natural Produce*, Tankwa Karoo

  • dates

Portion36 Olive Farm, Stellenbosch*

  • olive oil, Catawba grapes

Lilje Family, Bloublommetjieskloof Farm, Wellington*

  • Blackberries, figs, guavas, quinces, plums

CocoaFair, Woodstock

  • Small batch chocolate, made from cocoa beans right here in Cape Town

Eden Foods, Durbanville

  • Pure peanut butter, made from South African-grown peanuts. No palm oil!

Rosetta Roastery, Woodstock

  • Small batch roasted coffee beans from around the world

Timberlea Farm Trust at Blue Jay Farm, Stellenbosch*

  • Nectarines and peaches

Our family and friends around Cape Town

  • Interesting herbs, flowers, citrus and granadillas

Paterson Family at Zwaanswyk Farm, Picketberg

  • almonds

Amberfield Apiaries, Cape Town

  • honey

Lizzie’s Organic*

  • Seasonal organic fruit

Bluejay Fruit, Timberlea Trust, Stellenbosch

  • peaches, nectarines, plums, apples

KULTURE Yoghurt, Cape Town

  • Bulgarian yoghurt


*use alternative agricultural practices such as biodynamic farming, organic, minimized spraying, farming for the future

MILK: We have used three small dairy farms over the years, all of which are either no longer operational, or no longer supply Cape Town. We currently use cream and milk from Darling Dairy and Oaklands Dairy, who source their cream from different farms in the Western Cape. It is our dream to use dairy from a farm where we know the cows are well treated, and are free to graze outside. Unfortunately we have not been able to find such a supplier yet, but the search continues.

Do you know any small farmers or producers we should get in touch with? Email us!

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