Is your ice cream organic?

The short answer is, no. The longer answer is: not all of our ingredients are available organically in South Africa, we use conventional, South African-grown sugar because we don’t want to import organic sugar from Brazil (no offence, Rio), the cows that provide our cream and milk are fed supplemental grains to boost their diet and those grains are not organic, many of our farmers who do practice totally natural farming methods can’t afford to be certified, and we ourselves are not certified by any international organic organisation.

The more accurate answer is, when they are available locally, we always choose naturally grown ingredients over conventionally grown ones. Even when it costs more, or takes us four months of calling, emailing and visiting to find a farmer to supply what we need, or occasionally involves us driving to Worcester at 6am to pick something up ourselves.

Is your ice cream halaal?

No, neither our kitchen or our cafes are certified Halaal. However our kitchen and ice creams do not use or contain alcohol or non-vegetarian ingredients (like meat or gelatine), and no alcohol is served at any of our cafes. We pride ourselves on full disclosure to all our customers; there are no hidden ingredients in any of our products. See this discussion on our blog.

Is your ice cream 100% local?

If you define local as South African, most of our flavours are locally sourced.  In fact, aside from sugar, which only grows in KwaZulu-Natal, ginger and bananas (KZN & Mpumalanga) pretty much all of our ingredients come from the Western Cape. The international exceptions are coffee*, cocoa beans**, coconut milk, and certain spices (cinnamon, cardamom, etc) which aren’t grown in SA. We believe our ice cream is as local as it’s humanly possible to make it. And we love it when local growers contact us to offer us new produce, no matter how small their harvest.

*This isn’t totally true. There is some coffee grown in KZN. But we prefer the flavour of beans we have sourced from local micro-roaster, Rosetta Roastery. The beans are roasted here in Cape Town.

** But we’re really chuffed that the chocolate is made locally, in Cape Town. How far you’ve come, Mother City!

Why is your ice cream so expensive?

In manufacturing, you can either make a lot and sell it for a little, or make a little and sell it for a lot. Because we are working with high quality ingredients in small batches, and buying from small producers, we just don’t have the economies of scale to sell our ice cream for the prices you pay for the big name brands in the supermarket. However, we feel we are still offering good value for money, when you compare what goes into our ice cream: predominantly naturally grown fruit, organic chocolate, eggs and from animals that live outdoors. No commercial ice cream uses these ingredients, or crafts each pint by hand, plus they put plenty of questionable things in their ice cream that you’ve never heard of and cannot spell.

Finally, the saving offered by commercial ice cream is less than you think: some brands churn up to 100% air into their products during churning. Our churn adds 15-25% air to our custard, just enough to give it that fudgy, creamy texture you like so much. So go ahead and weigh 500ml of commercial ice cream, and a pint of ours, and tell us which is heavier.

Why is your ice cream so cheap?

Yes, we get both these questions, quite frequently!

According to industry standards, based on what we pay for ingredients and the amount of handwork that goes into making our ice cream, we should be charging twice what we currently do. But we want our ice cream to be an affordable luxury, so that as many Capetonians as possible can experience The Creamery joy.

How unhealthy is your ice cream?

Depends who you ask, and how much you eat. A pint a day probably isn’t a good idea, unless you want to be called Ice Cream Hips Henry. We believe that moderate ice cream consumption can be part of a balanced, healthy diet. But you knew that already. If in doubt, ask your health professional. We’re ice screamers, not doctors.

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