V&A Food Market: Elements of Our Stall

This is a blog series on setting up our new permanent stall at The Market on The Wharf. You can read the other posts here.

Elements of Our Stall:

I’ve been spending so much time stressing about what our stall will look like and how much it will cost, that I’ve kind of forgotten that this is actually a pretty fun project. Just like when I renovated my home three years ago, there’s never enough time or budget to do everything exactly as you’d like, but I’m trying to take a moment out every now and then to enjoy the experience.

Today and tomorrow I’ll post some pics and comments on the different elements, functional and decorative, that we’re bringing together to build our scoop stall.


SPACE: 2.4 metres x 2.4 metres

While it’s bigger than our average stall at our weekly markets, space is still pretty tight. Especially since we need to fit in a chest freezer to store our back up ice cream stock.

LOCATION: Don’t ask me how, but we managed to get what I think is the best stall in the prepared foods section: on the right hand side, right at the front. It’s close to both the side entrance, and the front entrance, with not one but two open sides.

WHAT IT COMES WITH: Lighting, two plug points, dry wall separating us from our neighbouring stall, a small corner sink, screed flooring.

WHAT IT DOESN’T COME WITH: Any counters, equipment or hot water.

THE PLAN: Above is a roughly-to-scale bird’s eye view of our planned layout. We worked it out by building a pretend stall out of string and random furniture and marching up and down in it, pretending to scoop ice cream and wash dirty spoons and other common scoop stall tasks. Very DIY, but a highly effective way of working out that 2.4mx2.4m is not actually that big. Here is a picture of Marianne in our mock up stall on a Saturday afternoon, looking tired but determined:



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