Washington, DC: Pleasant Pops

I was very curious to see what a bricks-and-mortar ice lolly shop would look like, since I think of ice lollies as a product that is even more seasonal than ice cream. Well, Pleasant Pops are pretty smart and also offer a small range of grocery products (pickles, etc) as well as a soup and sandwich menu, so there are several reasons to visit.

We all enjoyed a light lunch of soups, salads and sandwiches, before hitting the ice lollies. The flavours change all the time, and we tried most of the menu: carrot & ginger, Mexican chocolate, honeycrisp apple, cookies & milk, and lavender honey cream.

They were all really good, very light and not too sweet. The lavender honey cream reminded me of our lavender honey ice cream, and was the creamiest of the pops, while the apple ice lolly was solid apple puree with a little cinnamon, and the cookies & milk was lightly sweetened milk studded with chunks of oreo-esque cookies. Carrot & Ginger reminded me of a health smoothie! The Mexican chocolate was vegan, with a coconut milk base. I thought it could’ve been a little chocolatey, but I enjoyed the cinnamon and chili kick that lingered.

The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly, the shelves were full of interesting things to browse, and since I’m on the lookout for inspiring counters for our upcoming permanent market stall at the V&A, I was very interested in their reclaimed wood and corian counter!

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in DC.

Pleasant Pops

Farmhouse Market & Cafe

1781 Florida Avenue Southwest

Washington DC



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