West Coast Road Trip

We get our milk and cream delivered once a week to our kitchens in Mowbray, but once in a while something goes pear-shaped (the farmer can’t deliver, we have a massive last minute order, a fridgeful of cream goes off – you name it, it happens), and we find ourselves driving up to Hopefield to pick up some cream. It’s four hours, round trip, so while we’re grateful not to make this journey frequently, when we do, we’re always mesmerized by the beauty of the West Coast, as viewed from the N7. It’s proper farming country, ignored by most international visitors, and if you hit the road before 8am, you can see the thick morning mists slowly dissolve, revealing rolling horizons of wheatfields, canola, corn, grazing pastures and blue, blue skies. Here are some roadside snaps from our most recent trip, last month.


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