What happens during loadshedding at The Creamery?

TheCreameryIceCreamBlackouts are an inconvenience to you as it is to us, and a lot of customers ask us: What do you do during loadshedding?
Electricity is vital to our small business – chilling ice cream, cooking waffles and making coffee all need power. Keeping ice cream cold is an ongoing challenge (especially in a hot Cape Town summer) and when the power goes down, our priority is to get our ice cream cold and to keep it cold for as long as we possibly can. This means packing away all of our stock, and insulating it in a sealed container until electricity supply is resumed.
We’ve all had ice cream after it’s been out too long, right? Sloppy, sticky and not much fun when it’s running out of the cone and into your hand! And we’ve all tried to ‘save’ the ice cream by trying to re-freeze it – which only results in split ice cream that has an unpleasant icy texture and even worse appearance. Maintaining quality of our product is always our priority.
For the above reasons, in the event of loadshedding we are unable to operate at all until power resumes. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,
We will try our best to keep you updated through our Facebook and Twitter channels, or call our cafes and check in with the on duty Supervisor:
Newlands 021 686 3975
Salt River 021 447 7690