What We Did On Our Holidays

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We’ve been back one month now from our first-ever two week annual shutdown. Did you miss us? We missed you, and The Creamery.

All our staff (and several of our customers) were given strict instructions to report back any ice cream-related activity, whether Creamery-supplied or not, in the name of research. So we happily present to you, What We Did On Our Holidays:

Jaco, one of our farmers, had a very happy arrival on the farm. He purchased three pregnant Guernsey heifers from our other dairy farmer, Reuben (no, we did not introduce them; it’s just a lovely coincidence), both which have birthed beautiful Guernsey calves. We’re all desperate to visit, but we’re letting them settle in a bit first.

Franci, our herb farmer, has spent his winter growing the most extraordinarily perfect broccoli that we have ever tasted. OK, this won’t be finding its way any time soon into your ice cream, but we’ve been enjoying at home the weekly box of veg he sends us each week.

One of our ice cream club members very kindly sent us, as requested, a report on her ice cream adventures in Turkey: “I have returned from our Turkey trip – what a fascinating world. Anyway as promised I did sample their local ice-creams. “Moda” is the very popular ice-cream brand at the moment – made from goat’s milk I am told – it is delicious and has an enormous range of flavours including mulberry which is one I had not tried before.  I find that the Turkish natural fruits have a more intense flavour than ours especially their various melons, apricots and strawberries and this is obvious in the ice-cream taste. The only fruit that was not superior to ours was their grapes – maybe I was just unlucky.  The most characteristic property is the “chewiness “of their ice-cream, some brands more so than others. It is a resin from the Mastik tree that apparently responsible for this.

Progress took numerous busses and three days to go home to Victoria Falls. He obediently ate lots of ice cream with his family and friends, and brought back photos of his growing herd of healthy cows and goats, which his gran cares for on the family farm.

Harmony and his wife took their little girl on her first trip to Zimbabwe. He managed to find gourmet, handcrafted ice cream in Harare, talked his way into a full tasting and tour of the kitchen, and to our consternation is now insisting that we must develop a smoked salmon ice cream. You first, Harmony!

Marianne spent her time visiting friends and roadtripping in Europe. And dutifully eating lots of ice cream in Spain and Portugal!

Kate was the most boring of all and stayed at home, had the flu (like everyone else in Cape Town), slept a lot, and read an excessive number of Philippa Gregory novels. She did however have a couple of Creamery feasts with friends and family, including waffles. She is now dreaming of a future Creamery ice cream parlour, replete with waffle machines.

Abi also stayed home, but was slightly more adventurous. Rather than wear her heart on her sleeve, she’s wearing her passion behind her ear. Hard to top this one in terms of commitment to the cause:


Kate is a company director. She spends her time on mentoring our leadership team, product development, new systems, finance, and business strategy. Her favourite ice cream flavours include raspberry choc chip, cookie dough, nectarine, jasmine blossom, toasted almond and berry cheesecake.